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Biology at CSN

The department offers an associate of science (A.S.) degree program, courses for preparation for the health sciences, as well as non major's courses for students pursuing degrees outside of biology and healthcare.

The associate degree, biological science emphasis, is appropriate for students wishing to finish a bachelor's degree in the sciences and pursue a career in either science or medicine.

CSN now offers multiple degrees in applied sciences. There are two offered from the department of biological sciences - Environmental Management and Environmental Conservation. Please visit the Degrees and Programs page for details.






seaphage plate

Discover a new Virus!

Accepting new students for Fall.

SEA-PHAGES is a research course where students learn microbiology techniques to discover and name their own bacterial virus/phage and then learn bioinformatic techniques to perform complex genome annotations on their phage.

  • Want to gain these valuable skills?
  • Sounds like fun?

Contact Dr. McKenna for information about joining the group.
Chelsey McKenna

  Henderson 317-X
  (702) 651-4390 | Obscure_mckenna


Biomedical Exploration Workshop

Applications accepted every Spring semester.
The Biomedical Exploration Workshop* is a five week summer program offered at the College of Southern Nevada. It is designed to give students the opportunity to explore different career options in the biomedical sciences, and gain exposure to the environments in which they would be working.

A secondary aim of the program is to help students expand their academic abilities, primarily in reading, math and laboratory skills to help prepare them for their upper division science courses.

Registration will begin Spring semester.

Education Opens Doors

In addition to traditional courses, the Department of Biological Sciences provides educational and career-building opportunities.

  • SciNight
    An Open Journal Club

    The SciNight Journal Club is an open forum in which students and faculty can meet to informally discuss primary scientific research articles.
    More information.

    Biomedical Workshop

    The Biomedical Exploration Workshop is a five week summer program designed to give students the opportunity to explore different career options in the biomedical sciences. More information.

    Honors Biology 251H
    300 Level Credit at CSN

    Students seeking a B.S. degree from UNLV can complete this course at CSN (BIOL 251H) to fulfill a Biology 351 requirement at UNLV.

    More information.

  • Undergraduate Research
    BIOL 299
    BIOL 299 Undergraduate Research

    Make new discoveries in science for possible publication. Work at your own pace. Flexible schedules.
    More information.

    Biology Club
    Biology Club
    A Biology Club for Students

    A student-run biology club created to increase interaction among biological science majors and faculty. More information.

    Student Empowerment Workshops
    Empowerment workshop
    Student Empowerment Workshop.

    The Student Empowerment workshop is a one-time meeting to help students pass Biology 189, the introductory course for most Health Science majors. More information.

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Biological Sciences at the College of Southern Nevada