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Why Graduate with a Degree from CSN?

The majority of science students at CSN will transfer to a 4-year university within one or two years. Most frequently, students transfer to the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), Nevada State College (NSC) or the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) to finish a bachelor's degree. While the individual courses taken at CSN are all designed to transfer smoothly to these three institutions, some problems do still arise. Furthermore, out-of-state institutions may not matriculate all CSN courses.

There is also the issue of time. Unforeseen circumstances may force a student to relocate or suspend his/her college training for a period of time. It is not unusual for degree requirements to change, or for prerequisite courses to have a time limit. Having a degree prevents the loss of any of that credit.

New in 2022
Environmental Management and Conservation Applied Science Degrees.

Conservation biologists restore and protect ecosystems and wildlife habitats and conserve endangered species of plants and animals.

This typically involves working closely with landowners and the government at the local, state, and federal levels. Through research and observation, conservation biologists help establish plans for maintaining habitats and animal populations at sustainable levels. They monitor environmental conditions, population sizes, and other important ecological health indicators.

Many conservation biologists work in teams with other scientists and technicians.

It is highly recommended that students maintain a consistent relationship with their counselor, as requirements change frequently.


For questions or more information please contact Dr. Lois Merkler.

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Associate of Science with Biological Sciences Emphasis

If you are interested in a career in the sciences or medicine the AS degree with a biological sciences emphasis provides excellent preparation for a 4-year college or university. Most importantly, it will significantly speed up matriculation, and provide insurance to earned credits.

It is highly recommended that students maintain a consistent relationship with their counselor, as requirements change frequently.

  • Requirements
  • Program Outcomes
    • Summarize and explain biological diversity and similarity of organizational levels ranging from molecules to communities.
    • Incorporate knowledge of scientific methods and the relationships among theory, experiments and analysis and apply these to a problem or issue in biology
    • Integrate knowledge of biology, biological methods and contextual issues, and be able to articulate these in verbal and written form
    • Demonstrate knowledge of basic laboratory safety procedures and experimentation skills
  • Reasons to finish the degree at CSN
    • Degrees from accredited institutions are permanent, preventing loss of progress toward a bachelor's degree if school is interrupted.
    • Seamless transfer of credits to other institutions in the U.S. and many areas around the world.
    • Free. There is no charge to apply for graduation at CSN.
    • Can apply for the AS degree after leaving CSN and finishing the requirements elsewhere in Nevada.
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CSN Biological Sciences - Degrees