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What is It?

The SciNight Journal Club is an open forum in which students and faculty can meet to informally discuss primary scientific research articles.

During the Fall 2018 semester, the journal club will meet every other Thursdays at 7:30pm on the North Las Vegas campus in room C-2638. Campus map.

Schedule and articles

Format and Categories

Each SciNight session the article to be discussed will be posted on this website below. Download the article, read it, and come ready to discuss what you have learned with your fellow students and various faculty.

The articles will come from different disciplines within the sciences to address a variety of research interests here at CSN. The general topic of each session will be one of the following:

Biological Sciences

First Meeting of the Month

physical science
Physical Sciences

Second Meeting of the Month

Fall 2018 Schedule

Date Topic
Sep 6 Biological Science
Sep 20 Physical Science
Oct 4 Biological Science
Oct 25 Physical Science
Nov 1 Biological Science
Nov 15 Physical Science
Nov 29 One Book One Campus - Dreamland Event

Upcoming Journal Articles

Current Article:

Oct 4

This week's paper shows the new idea that plants use signaling molecules for long range communication similarly to animals long range signaling

Glutamate triggers long-distance calcium-based plant defense signaling

Supplementary information for reference but will most likely not need to print and bring with you to the meeting

Supplementary Information

Past Articles:

Sept 20

The most important molecules for life are proteins, which are made of amino acids. Where do amino acids come from?

A new family of extraterrestrial amino acids in the Murchison meteorite

Supplementary Information

Sept 6

Feed the bacteria in the gut and increase mood?

Targeting the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis -- Prebiotics Have Anxiolytic and Antidepressant-like Effects and Reverse the Impact of Chronic Stress in Mice

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