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What is It?

The SciNight Journal Club is an open forum in which students and faculty can meet to informally discuss primary scientific research articles.

During the Spring 2020 semester, the journal club will meet every other Thursdays at 7:30pm on the West Charleston campus in room H301J.

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Schedule and articles

Format and Categories

Each SciNight session the article to be discussed will be posted on this website below. Download the article, read it, and come ready to discuss what you have learned with your fellow students and various faculty.

The articles will come from different disciplines within the sciences to address a variety of research interests here at CSN. The general topic of each session will be one of the following:

Biological Sciences

First Meeting of the Month

physical science
Physical Sciences

Second Meeting of the Month

Spring 2020 Schedule

Date Topic
Jan 30 Physical Science
Feb 13 Biological Science
Mar 5 Physical Science
Mar 12 Biological Science
Mar 26 Physical Science
Apr 16 Biological Science
Apr 30 Physical Science

Upcoming Journal Articles

Upcoming Topics:

Following the federal recommendation of no meetings larger than 10 people, we are postponing SciNight meetings until further notice

Past articles from this semester:

March 12

What are the best foods to eat for your health and the health of the planet?

Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods

March 5

What are the cancer risks when we fly?

Airline flight and cancer

Feb 13

The New England Journal of Medicine did a review article on something you may already have heard of: intermittent fasting. Come see what the science has had to say about this trending new "diet" so far. To get the article you will have to create a free account (this will also give you access to three free articles a month from the New England Journal of Medicine). Once registered, download and print the PDF for Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Health, Aging and Disease and bring it with you for discusison. If you have difficulties getting access to the article email Chelsey.McKenna@csn.edu

Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Health, Aging, and Disease

Jan 30

Dust, Cold, and Evolution. How a catastrophe in the asteroid belt started an ice age, and changed the course of evolution on Earth.

An extraterrestrial trigger for the mid-Ordovician ice age

Journal Article Archive

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