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What is It?

The SciNight Journal Club is an open forum in which students and faculty can meet to informally discuss primary scientific research articles.

During the Spring 2022 semester, the journal club will meet every other Thursday at 7:30pm on the West Charleston campus in room WCH301J.

Schedule and articles

Format and Categories

Each SciNight session the article to be discussed will be posted on this website below. Download the article, read it, and come ready to discuss what you have learned with your fellow students and various faculty.

The articles will come from different disciplines within the sciences to address a variety of research interests here at CSN. The general topic of each session will be one of the following:

Biological Sciences

First Meeting of the Month

physical science
Physical Sciences

Second Meeting of the Month

Spring 2022 Schedule

Date Topic
Jan 27 Physical Science
Feb 10 Biological Science
Feb 24 Physical Science
Mar 10 Biological Science
Mar 24 Physical Science
Apr 7 Biological Science
Apr 21 Physical Science
May 5 Biological Science

Upcoming Journal Articles

Upcoming Topics:

May 5 -- CANCELED 

Due to illness, this session is not happing tonight 

Is there a reproducibility crisis in the sciences? Why do we have one? What can we do about it?

Philosophy of Science and The Replicability Crisis


Previous Topics:

March 24

The 1953 Miller-Urey experiment famously produced amino acids in an experimental vessel containing water, methane, nitrogen, and ammonia by passing an electric arc through the vapour. The experiment showed that molecules essential for life could be produced from simple inorganic components by common planetary mechanisms like lightning, setting the stage for the modern field of astrobiology. A paper published in Nature a couple months ago shows that the results of the experiment vary depending on what the experimental vessel is made of.

The role of borosilicate glass in Miller–Urey experiment

April 7

Science's 2021 Breakthrough of the Year

“It’s a breakthrough of the first order, certainly one of the most significant scientific results of my lifetime.”

“This will change medicine. It will change research. It will change bioengineering. It will change everything,”

"The Most Important Achievement In AI—Ever"

Everyone is talking about the new ability of Artificial Intelligence to accurately predict protein structures. Come learn what all the hoopla is about and learn how this new technology has even led to the design of totally new proteins

De novo protein design by deep network hallucination

April 21

Biology is controlled by geology, and geology is controlled by biology. How did the growth of cyanobacteria trigger global mountain building?

Increased biomass and carbon burial 2 billion years ago triggered mountain building

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