Biology Club at CSN

Come Join Your Fellow Students

The CSN Biology Club is a volunteer, student-run college club. It is entirely free to join. Get to know other students, faculty, and staff who have an interest in biology.

It also gives students a a chance to interact with the community through various programs and it promotes the exploration of career opportunities.

Volunteer Efforts

The Biology Club works closely with CSN Serves in volunteer efforts. Volunteer work is important for applications to many medical and pre-professional programs.

Outdoor Activities

All activities are on a volunteer basis and joining the club is free.

Student-led Program

The Biology Club has an elected student president, and the activities and programs are based on student interests.

Upcoming Events

Contact About Joining

Lois Merkler

Faculty mentor

  Henderson C200-F
  (702) 651-3193 | Obscure_merkler

Minnie Schlesinger

Faculty mentor

 North Las Vegas, S121-C
  (702) 651-4225 | Obscure_schlesinger

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Biology Club at CSN